What the Heck is a Kickstarter?

From the very beginning Mama Cassie’s has been a “Do It Yourself” enterprise. We got the restaurant up and running on a wing and a prayer with the help of at least one mysterious angel and thank heavens we did because that little restaurant brought such joy to our whole community! Throughout this year, as we’ve been on the journey of writing this cookbook and reconnecting with all of you it has been absolutely amazing to see how that sense of  joy for a special place we once shared has only grown with time.  It has often fueled our process as there were days when the challenge of all this loomed quite large! Hey, there’s a lot of love to get right in these recipes and stories!!! From the very start Mama Cassie’s has also always been a labor of love and this cookbook is no exception. We worked diligently to capture these beloved recipes and we are eager to share them with you. The world has waited long enough for the Mama Cassie’s cookbook!

So, the recipes have been painstakingly tested, plate after plate of beautiful food styled and photographed, and all the great stories of a much beloved restaurant collected and transcribed for the first time ever. By combining the power of pre-ordering with the broad reach of online tools we will be able to get more copies of the  Mama Cassie’s cookbook into more hands across America-  faster. Here’s where you come in: what we need you to do between September 15th and October 15th to support our Kickstarter campaign is to pre-order your cookbook copies to help us get it to the printers and into your hands where it belongs!

So what the heck is Kickstarter anyway? Kickstarter is an online website and it is a new way to fund creative projects, like this cookbook. We dream up fun reward incentives including, but not limited to the cookbook, plus other awesome goodies and you pledge/pre-order at whatever level you would like to. Stay tuned for the campaign launch to learn all about that, but haven’t you always wanted a Mama Cassie’s apron? Thought so… We think you’ll like what we’ve got in mind and there are many enticing reward options!

If you are in the Great Falls area  on September 15th, please join Mama Cassie at the Contract Flooring Carpet One showroom located at 1301 7th Street South between 3pm and 6pm for the launch of the Mama Cassie’s Cookbook 30 day Kickstarter campaign. Come by and say hello to Carol, pre-order copies of the cookbook, enjoy a slice of Mama’s world famous cake and learn more about the exciting rewards you can receive for helping Mama get this project to the printers!  Don’t worry if you’re not in town, or you can’t make it to the event, as soon as we launch our campaign you’ll be able to pre-order online, but only during this one month window.  The 30 day campaign will kickoff on September 15th and run through October 15th, 2012.

Please stay tuned for details on the campaign, itself. We are putting the finishing touches on our video and the rest of our presentation. Just wanted to be sure to give you all a “save the date” and to let you know more about Kickstarter!

Hope to see those we can on the 15th!

Mama and company will have cakes and computers standing by!



4 comments to What the Heck is a Kickstarter?

  • VernamCopeland

    I am ready to pre order and pay. Can’t attend the event but would like to share in the extra goodies, apron, etc.

    Very exciting. I am spreading the word for sure.

    • Mama

      Hi Verna! Have you had a chance to Pre-Order at Kickstarter? Here is the link again: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/329131949/mama-cassies-food-is-love-cookbook?ref=friends
      Thanks so much for your support! We are so excited to bring you the cookbook!!!

  • Verna

    Are the $30 payments refundable if the cookbook is not published?

    • Mama

      Hi ~ Thanks for your question. The Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal with the help of all our backers which means we will get the money we’ve set out to raise, plus whatever else we can raise until the campaign ends! The response has been truly overwhelming and wonderful! When the campaign ends on October 15th, Amazon will begin charging the credit cards of our backers and we will begin fulfilling the reward incentives. The cookbook and all of the related merchandise will be ready in time for the holidays, sometime right around Thanksgiving. Hope that answers your question Verna!

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