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Mama Cassie's

The Mama Cassie’s “Food is Love!” Cookbook celebrates food, family and tradition. Founded in 1986 in Great Falls, Montana, Mama Cassie’s Italian Ristorante was a much beloved pasta shop and deli known for soul satisfying Italian cooking and desserts to die for. In this cookbook, Carol “Mama” Cassie’s resurrects those famous recipes with a dash of family history and stories about the restaurant, which closed in 1998. She encourages home cooks to add a heaping helping of their own inspiration while recreating her family recipes.

The philosophy behind the restaurant was “Food is Love!” and that tradition is carried forward with this cookbook. When approached with passion, cooking becomes a very creative pursuit. Gathering around a table with friends and family to share a wonderful meal is one of the fundamental joys of life. Take as much pleasure planning and preparing food as in eating and enjoying it!

The most timid cooks will gain confidence and skills trying their hand at the recipes in this cookbook. Seasoned cooks will recognize simple recipes featuring high quality ingredients that call for endless variation. With over 100 recipes to try, see what you can dream up and have fun. Remember, “Food is Love!”

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